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For the presentation of this project, an online event was held, where colleague Miguel Carretero introduced the different aspects related to the project:

  • Business opportunity: Civil works, Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructures require the collection of a large amount of Topography and Inventory data of the work areas. Recent advances in the speed of data capture and acquisition have allowed laser scanners to be integrated into mobile hardware such as automobiles or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This allows 3D capture of the environment over wide expanses along any route or road.
    MAP.IT is the first system capable of saving 85% of the time and 42% of the cost of any requested construction or inventory work thanks to its data processing capabilities. With MAP.IT, we expect to process 30 km / day with an accuracy of ± 3 cm as maximum error. Therefore, the business opportunity for MAP.IT is based on the construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructures.
  • Scope: MAP.IT is a system capable of processing inventory data in a much shorter time frame than currently possible. The use of MMS for data collection is widespread in many areas, such as driverless vehicles, environmental studies, transport infrastructure, agricultural planning, energy infrastructure, road safety, etc. These markets are accessible with MAP.IT, although we currently focus on transport infrastructures such as roads, bridges and railways.
  • Impact: Thanks to this project at INSITU we will acquire new knowledge and skills that will allow us to address new ways of carrying out projects for the future. Examples of possible applications for MAP.IT that could be included in the long term are industrial plants, energy networks such as oil, petrol, electricity, road safety, seabed (for port construction and expansion), environmental application for yearly situation comparison, to determine legal infringements carried out by public environmental agencies and other applications that require a lot of data collection and management.
  • Strategy: The main strengths are our experience in the market, experience and highly qualified staff, experience in internationalisation, as we have a fully operational office in Brazil working since 2013 The weaknesses identified are the dependence on companies as suppliers and software integrators and our limited commercial network that we have to improve and extend to those countries where we want to spread MAP.IT. The most dangerous threats to MAP.IT are the low costs in APAC countries that make it difficult for Western countries to compete with them, and as main opportunities we have identified European incentives for the transport sector and institutional support for funding.
  • Future: The market application of MAP.IT is based on object recognition. This market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5% from 2020 to 2022. The intelligent video surveillance, ISR Analytics, object recognition and video analytics industry is expected to experience a decade of unprecedented growth from 2017. These booming markets are expected to earn $13 billion in revenue in Europe over the next 3 years.
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