Actualidad de Insitu anniversary

We are pleased to announce that after one year of MAP.IT project development we have completed milestone 1 and milestone 2 of the project of the 4 main milestones that our team has detected.

Below is the list of milestones and their characteristics, as well as their time for completion:

  • Milestone 1: indicates that the mathematical solver, which is the basis of the programme has been selected and studied. End date month 5.
  • Milestone 2: is established when the solver reaches maturity and is validated in theoretical tests. End date month 9.
  • Milestone 3: defines the beta stage; at this point the software is ready but user testing on roads, urban and railway environments as scheduled is necessary to find bugs and validate results. End date month 19.
  • Milestone 4: release candidate or final version is available, MAP.IT is ready for internal use or for sale under licence. End date month 24.