Special works
General description and service phases

Controlling and monitoring tunnel construction work requires great experience in inspections and instrumentation to control the work and monitor and manage the information collected.

Tunnel construction is often due to the topographic configuration of the land, meaning it is generally work that involves immense earth movement. In order to do so, accuracy is essential which means the technology selected will significantly influence the quality thereof.

Technology used and main advantages

One type of technology or another is necessary depending on the type of work, type of tunnel and phase of development.

The most-highly recommended technology for controlling and monitoring the work during the construction phase is terrestrial laser scanning as Mobile Mapping equipment cannot usually enter in order to do the surveying. Terrestrial laser scanning equipment gets millimetric precision which guarantees the resolution of the data obtained.

End products

A large number of products can be obtained with tunnel studies depending on the aim of the work performed; some types include:

Three-dimensional models


Volume calculations

Sections and profiles

Virtual tours