One of the biggest problems found when working with cloud points is the big size of most of them, which means they can be very difficult to process. To help process these and other types of data, INSITU has different tools available for internal use which are constantly being developed as per the different criteria.

  • gestorLIDAR: a folder with one or more cloud points, it allows users to segment a set of cloud points based on different criteria – file size, the drawings at a certain distance or quadrants of the area selected by the user. Moreover, this tool can arrange the clouds by timestamp and mix the points from the two lasers, if applicable, as well as balance out the intensity.
  • AjusteLIDAR: implemented to correct GPS errors via control points, it is used to adjust cloud points from different sensors, different captures, tunnels, etc. by slightly deforming the clouds gradually along the path.
  • DivRD3: the data captured using GPR technology are too big and sometimes this means you can’t work with them easily. That is why this tool was implemented – divRD3, aimed at large-size captures to segment the data (radar-grams) at a certain distance for easier processing. Plus, it improves the organization of the data delivered to allow customers to locate and rapidly load the radar-gram corresponding to the section to be viewed.
  • BBOX2DXF: makes it possible to have all of the clouds in LAS format contained in the directory in a single DXF bounding box file as parameters, labelling them with the name of the source cloud. Thus, the result can be viewed in AutoCAD, among many other programs, to be converted to a number of formats and find out which cloud or clouds must be loaded to view a certain area.
  • preMSM: an in-house data preparation and format conversion toolset optimized for highly efficient management in MS applications.
  • txt2shp: to generate shapes easily from text files of any structure or coding.
  • CloudFilter: to filter the clouds in a folder to obtain others that comply with a certain regular expression (i.e. intensity points over 200 allow us to filter road markings).
  • CAL2SIGN: a tool to calculate kilometer points marked for any element inventoried based on the KP calculated and marked on mileage markers.
  • Others: simple tools to filter images used, a close-up photo of a location, change coordinate systems used for files in different formats, bring transparency to orthophotos, etc.