SENTINEL project

Prototype of intelligent system of management of the railway infrastructures, through the use of structured massive data.
Schedule 2016 - 2018

Project Detail

Project co-financed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development and by the European Union through the Structural Funds for Regional Development, through the program FEDER-INNTERCONECTA 2016.

The main objective of the project will be the integration of a data capture device, navigating in the rail vehicles, which will feed into a database related to a geographic information system, so that an automatic asset inventory can be made rail and interpret and characterize the elements of the track optimizing the maintenance of the same.

This global objective is concretized in the scope of the following technical objectives:

Integration of data capture devices, non-dedicated and quick and interchangeable assembly between different vehicles.

Design and development of algorithms for data processing that allow to extract key parameters of the environment or the evolution of this.

Design and development of integrated systems for the visualization and management of processed information and key parameters.

Design and development of intelligent management systems for predictive support to decision making.

INGENIERÍA INSITU S.L. is a key player in the project for the implementation of mass-based data capture systems and the design and implementation of data-processing systems, all based on our experience in the field of capture sensor integration, executive production of derivative products and the innovative capacity of society



Program: FEDER Interconecta 2016