Multi-Sensor Products

We use our own software

We have developed our own software to manage linear infrastructures called MSManager.This software can integrate cloud points from mobile laser scanning, 360 º panoramic imagery and vector and raster layers inventoried along with the vehicle path, making it possible to view all of the elements obtained from an inspection of a single geographic location.

The navigation bar enables automatic movement (video) or manual movement remotely as determined by the user.  It is also possible to move all of the elements to a certain position by entering a KP or coordinates.

At the same time, weve developed an efficient cloud point format for easier management thereof, as well as the viewing of the total length of a linear job site. The most important functionalities of the viewer are:

Display synchronization

Display customization: symbols and layer labelling, cloud point colours based on different fields and colour scales, etc.

Remote database connection

Google Maps

Pan, Zoom, rotation of all elements in different ways
Queries by location or attribute

The measurement of all elements standing out over the cloud points: slopes, azimuth, clearances, etc.

MSManager was developed following client-server architecture so it connects to remote servers with databases to recover and maintain inventoried information on Vertical Signposting, Horizontal Signposting, Protective Bars, etc. Moreover, it stores any type of reference cartography in the database.
All of the data stored on the server can be arranged by any of the fields in ascending or descending order, as well as filtered by any of the attributes. Plus, the software allows for records of all actions taken on the various inventoried elements as well as the exporting of user-customized reports with the possibility of including a representative image thereof and a map of the surrounding area.

There are 4 MSManager related products:

  • MSViewer: a simple 360 º panoramic viewer with the possibility to synchronize a path and different cartography of interest.
  • MSCompare: it compares two panoramic 360 º captures taken on different dates in order to size the changes to the infrastructure over a certain period of time or following a certain action.
  • MSPavement: designed for road surface management, it allows you to simultaneously view and check deflectometric surveys, IRI, detailed survey models and high-resolution 2D and 3D images obtained with a high-resolution laser camera.

MSInventory: developed to capture cloud point, panoramic or orthophoto coordinates based on the precision required by the inventory to be performed. It can also build specific formulas for each type of element and work based on text files.The versatility of our MS products as far as window and toolbar configuration mean two monitors can be used for much easier use.