International Road Roughness Index (IRI)

Infrastructures and Transport. Roads
General description and service phases

The purpose of this service is to determine road surface regularity by obtaining the IRI parameter pursuant to standard NLT-330/98, using a high-precision digital laser profile meter.

The data captured is useful for management and decision making within public administrations to improve their public road services and achieve better citizen satisfaction. Moreover, this tool will enable decision making for plans, studies and road and airport projects.


The data is captured in longitudinal and transversal profiles using a high-precision digital laser profile meter to obtain the IRI.

The longitudinal profiles are processed and the IRI values are obtained in (m/km) or (mm/m)

Technology used and main advantages

The high-precision digital laser profile meter is a device that is used for road and airport surface auscultation to provide IRI values with which to assess the conditions of a particular road pursuant to international standards. The main advantages are the speed of the data capture and processing.

End products

IRI values (normally calculated by hectometer of road)

Longitudinal and transversal profiles