Modelos 3D

General description and service phases

An endless number of jobs, whether building reforms, the accurate identification of points of interest such as power sources, BIM models and more can be done with interior studies.

The following phases are necessary for these kinds of projects:

The inspection of the study zone to schedule the work

Planning scans or paths to obtain data

Studies of the necessary precisions to calculate data taking time

The establishment of a global georeferenced point cloud for the project.

The creation of the products requested by our customers.

Technology used and main advantages

The technology used to obtain cloud points for interiors basically involves using terrestrial laser scanning equipment, the survey pack or LIDAR backpack. A certain technology or another is chosen depending on the type of work to be done to always guarantee the best quality data based on our customers’ needs.

Laser scanning is the best solution for data acquisition inside buildings as it is small and compact and can work in difficult-to-access areas. We obtain cloud points with real colour as the equipment we use has a built-in RGB sensor. Using these cloud points, we create BIM models reflecting the existing reality.

Survey pack, this equipment can obtain cloud points from inside buildings. It’s the best solution for linear paths needing less precision.

End products

The end products may include, the following, among others:

Three-dimensional models


Raised view and floor view orthophotos

Interior room volume calculations

Sections and profiles

Virtual tours