3D Models

General description and service phases

Industrial element surveying in work environments is more and more in demand by a large number of professionals. There is a need to measure the dimensions of 3D elements of structures, pipelines, assembly lines, parts and facades, among others.

As with any project of this kind, the following phases are necessary:

The inspection of the study zone to schedule the work

Planning and characteristics studies to select the best technology.

The establishment of a global georeferenced point cloud for the project.

The creation of the products requested by our customers.

Technology used and main advantages

The technology used to obtain point clouds for structures, pipelines, assembly lines, parts and facades depends on the accuracy required.  Terrestrial laser scanning is the best option for this type of work as they obtain highly accurate georeferenced point clouds which reflect the reality.

End products

The end products may include, the following, among others:

Three-dimensional models


Sections and profiles