Cartography and Urban DTM

Territorial and urban development
General description and service phases

The preparation of precision, detailed cartography of rural and urban areas based on cloud points.

The information obtained will be a useful and flexible tool for management and decision making within town councils to improve their public road services and achieve better citizen satisfaction. Moreover, this tool will enable decision making for plans, studies and urban projects.

  • Data capture using Mobile Mapping technology to obtain a 3D cloud point and 360º images

  • The delineation of all elements using our own MSInventory software

Technology used and main advantages

Mobile Mapping is the ideal technology for data acquisition over large surface areas. Whenever there are areas where this technology cannot be used, either because the roads are pedestrian only or too narrow, this technology is implemented alongside traditional technologies such as total station or GPS, as well as faster and more modern ones like terrestrial laser scanning and survey pack.

End products
  • 360º images

  • Point clouds

  • 3D cartography in shp and vector format

  • Databases and tables