Cartography and Road DTM

Infrastructures and Transport. Roads
General description and service phases

Updated and precision reference cartography of all of the elements comprising a road network is needed for any type of project involving roads.

The information obtained will be a useful and flexible tool for decision making involving roads, to improve public road services and achieve better citizen satisfaction.

Creating digital terrain models (DTM) makes it possible to later create road profiles and calculate volumes for later road maintenance and management.

Technology used and main advantages

The technology used to create 3D cartography includes our Mobile Mapping system, which is pioneer in the capture of massive and dynamic spatial information.

The equipment is mounted on any type of vehicle that allows anchoring. It travels as a conventional vehicle from 5 km/h to 100 km/h, depending on the project needs.

The measurement equipment is comprised of two high-precision laser positioning sensors as well as 4 image collection devices, which have been expanded using the Ladybug 5.0 camera to obtain panoramic images.

The data capture process obtains 1,000,000 points/s in a 180 m length on each side of the vehicle as well as 6 images (360º) every 10 m.  It can be modified to suit the job characteristics.

The main characteristic of the system consists of nano-second synchronization between cloud points and the images obtained, guaranteeing the utmost precision.

End products

Some of the main end products include the following:

Precision 3D cartography of all elements considered of interest using specific software.

Digital terrain models (DTM)