Building climate monitoring

AUDITE was founded with the aim of improving user interaction with data from climate monitoring stations inside and outside certain buildings.

The data captured by climate sensors are often processed using Excel graphs to obtain a number of representative graphs of the different periods of interest (December 2014, winter 2015 or 2nd week of February 2015, just to give a few examples). Therefore, the process for obtaining information from these data and extracting conclusions with them can be very tedious.

AUDITE reads the data obtained from sensors using different technology (wireless, dataloggers, etc.) and automatically draws two themed graphs: a rainfall graph and a temperature graph so the user may browse through the different periods allowed. The legend is automatically generated and inserted in the window of each one of the graphs to be able to export captures in image format.

At the same time, the tool allows you to produce home occupant surveys to contrast the results obtained from monitoring with the occupants’ habits and be able to automatically export energy reports in Word.

* The case studies shown in the images associated with this project are not real.